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Gilkicker and Kickergill #1

Every day hundreds of motorists drive along Clayhall Road, near Stokes Bay and pass over the site of one of Alverstoke's most famous landmarks without being aware of it's one time existence. Nor do they ponder the part it has played in saving so many sailing ships from foundering on the treacherous banks and bars of the Solent.
Solent Gilkicker Point takes it's name from a pair of distinctive stone and brick built towers, called Gilkicker and Kickergill, erected as navigation aids to guide sailing ships through the deep water channels of Spithead as they headed into and out of Portsmouth Harbour. The seaward Gilkicker stood, not on the site of the of the now derelict
Fort Gilkicker, but nearby where the building of fort Monckton in 1779 caused its demolition. A smaller feature constructed on the newly built Fort Monckton replaced the felled Gilkicker tower, so allowing the navigation facility used by ships' commanders and pilots, to continue.
Kickergill the landward seamark, continued to stand on the edge of a field near Alverstoke creek until 1965, when Gosport Borough Council sent workmen in to knock it down to make way for road widening. As it was not scheduled as an ancient monument, and was not even listed as being of historical or architectural interest, it was demolished.

  Kickergill Monument which was demolished in 1965

Kickergill Monument from Alver Lake 1940's



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   Fun Facts
The name Gosport is said to have come either from God's Port or Gorse Port.
Gosport USA is in Indiana as well as New Hampshire
Gosport's Model Sailing Yacht Lake is one of only 2 in the UK for International events.

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