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Gosport Police

Gosport Police Station 01

Our now empty Police Station in South Relief road. Once the Magistrates Court occupied the far end of the building, before moving to Fareham

Gosport Police Station 02   Gosport Police Station 03

The original Gosport Station in Upper South Street was destroyed by enemy action on the 27th February, 1941. Staff then moved to a  temporary station at 20 Bury Road until 1957, when new station opened, back in South Street. The Magistrates Court hearings were held in the Nicholson Hall, Bury Road, during this period.

Gosport Police Station 04   Gosport officers in the early 1900s

In 1887 the police station address was in Upper South Street.

The Superintendent was G. Catchlove
with Sergeants J. Gibson and E. Wyatt
and fourteen constables

Note: two officers are wearing a striped 'on duty' wrist band,
officers would travel to and from work in uniform, removing the band 
would put them, 'off duty' in the eyes of the public.

I have abridged the above from the Hampshire Constabulary History Society
To access much more of the history of the Police force visit their website Home

Below is a list of useful information

Gosport Police Divisional Headquarters
South Cross Street,
PO12 1ES.
Enquiry office open: Daily 8am - midnight
Email: gosport.police@hampshire.pnn.police.uk
or Telephone: 0845 045 45 45
Divisional Commander: Superintendent Peter Baldry
Deputy: Chief Inspector Terry Stevens
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   Fun Facts
Police dogs donít really understand German or other languages. Itís a matter of training.
A human beings olfactory senses (sense of smell) spread one cell thick would cover the area of a hand; A dogís would cover his body like a saddle blanket.
Police dogs are aggressive on command.
Police dogs are normally retired to their handler and live out full lives after service.
Any breed of dog may be trained as a Police dog, but certain breeds are chosen because of stability of temperament.
A local Police dog has been trained to walk tight ropes six feet above the ground.
Local Police dogs are normally purchased with donations and not from tax dollars.
Your local Police K-9ís have fallen off cliffs, been run over by cars, been stabbed and even died in the line of duty because of their desire to perform their job well.
Police dogs are trained to find narcotic by using their ďplay drive.Ē They know when they find the dope, they get to play with their toy.
Police dogs make wonderful family pets.

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