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The Submarine Museum

  The pictures you see below represent a very small sample of the most comprehensive collection of submarine photos in the world, housed at the Submarine Museum Gosport. The collection begins with drawings and sketches of the very first submersibles - the weird and wacky inventions of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and concludes with the most modern British submarines - those of the Vanguard-class.

My Gosport Submarine Museum Van Drebble   Holland 1   E18
M2 converted   Vanguard   K22
Thorn   Aeneas   Oberon Class

Although there are a few gaps in the collection they hold photographs of nearly all Royal Navy submarines and many of their crews. These range from official photographs to those taken by individuals during wartime patrols - at work and play. History of Submarines
To explore further, visit the website and more importantly, visit the museum



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   Fun Facts
In 1864, the Hunley became the first submarine to sink a vessel in war. The Hunley sank after bombing the USS Housatonic, and the submarine and its sailors were discovered four miles off Sullivan's Island in 1995.

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